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Join us to build community alongside newly arriving immigrants.

Build Relationships & Resources

Share your time and presence in relationships of solidarity with newly arriving immigrants and other likeminded community members.

Community resettlement groups function as primary support networks for people arriving alone to the U.S. and ineligible for government-funded resettlement services and offer a wide range of ways to be in relationship.

Visit with immigrants while they’re detained in Louisiana and support them on the inside through letter writing, commissary fundraising, sponsorship, and release campaigns.

Offer Specialized Resources in Housing or Legal Aid

Open your home or a property you manage. 

Newly arriving asylum-seekers often need a place to stay for varying lengths of time, and lack the financial means and documentation when they first arrive to be able to secure rental housing in the mainstream housing market. There are a range of ways to share your home or a living space that you manage from simply offering an extra bedroom and a meal for a limited period night or a longer-term home stay or free/low-rent commitments. Home is Here offers ongoing coordination support to hosts and landlords. Consider opening your home or offering a property you manage for shared or independent living with an individual or family who has fled persecution for any length of time you are able.

Contribute Financial Support

Contribute Financial Support or Goods / Services 

Home is Here NOLA does not receive federal funding and as a small community nonprofit our impact can only be made through others’ investment in what we do. All contributions – no matter the size – make a meaningful difference to us! Consider joining our Solidarity Circle by offering monthly support so we can plan and allocate resources to sustain our work into the future. 

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