Open Door Collective

In recognition of your partnership, we’d be honored if you would consider this invitation to formally join our Open Door Collective.

We know you as someone who sees what has remained invisible to so many. You’ve followed people’s displacement and flight from homes all over the globe. You’ve understood what it means to be alone and incarcerated at the U.S. border and transferred to a remote Louisiana jail without a single contact to call on for release. You know how high the stakes are for newly arriving immigrants.

You can also be a part of people's arriving...

In an act of powerful resistance in the world’s incarceration capital, you can walk alongside us to grow and sustain a grassroots community resettlement network that offers survival and solidarity in the absence of any government assistance. You can help us build something completely new – a transformative support system that protects people from lengthy detention and deportation in Louisiana by getting them released and into a home and a community of support.

You can take the next step to belong to our Open Door Collective by committing a minimum quarterly contribution of $150 (just $50 a month) to support this critical network in a sustainable way. Home is Here does not receive federal funding and increasingly relies on sustaining contributions as core support for our programming. Your committed contribution will allow us to plan ahead for programming that gets people out of detention while building collective home through housing, legal aid, and supportive relationships.

Here is our summary strategic plan to do so through 2024.

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