We build community alongside newly arriving immigrants in the Gulf South who are impacted by detention, don’t know anyone in the U.S., and are ineligible for government-funded social services. 

Our programming focuses on building community and capacity in areas that are most important to newly arriving immigrants: Relationships, Housing & Legal Aid

Connection to a network of support and solidarity.

Community Resettlement Groups

Home is Here cultivates, trains, and mentors community members to form groups that that function as the primary support networks for people arriving alone to the U.S. and ineligible for government-funded resettlement services. 

These groups remain in relationship with newly arriving immigrants over the long-term and offer a wide range of relational support in the areas of housing, food, health, interpretation, transportation, financial assistance/personal finance, education, and social connection. 

“I appreciate moments of laughter, moments of conversation and opportunities to share and be in community – something that I had dearly missed during my nine months in detention. I once again was treated like a human – like a friend.”  

– Harinton Avendado-Mendoza 

Visitation and Sponsorship Release from Detention

We help immigrants get released from detention—connecting those who have been detained at the border and transferred to jails in our region to host sponsors so that they can become eligible for release and have a home to go to once released.

“[Being hosted] has made me understand that we humans need each other. When we leave a place like detention, we become very sensitive.”

– Gilda Santana (pictured with a member of her host family). 


We organize community-based housing for immigrants who arrive alone and don’t know anyone in the U.S. they can live with. 

Our unique “hosting to housing” network works with individual property owners, landlords, faith-based institutions and other partners as part of a network of those creating home and safety for asylum-seekers. There are a range of ways we cultivate community-based housing options, from coordinating a bed and a meal for a night as a host, to longer-term home stays, or arranging shared and independent living with free or low-rent commitments from landlords. We recently partnered with a New Orleans church to open dedicated co-living space for newly arrived immigrants on their property. 

Impact Snapshot

100% response to sponsorship support requests in Louisiana/Mississippi detention centers

Nearly 100 people without friends or family released from detention through new sponsorship placements

300 immigrants arriving without a support network connected with 650 allies for previously non-existent community support 

600 people organized with over 25 groups at our Community Center

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