Insis Bernardez is a Garifuna woman who was born and raised in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She emigrated to the United States in 2015 escaping the violence in the country and the political situation with few resources. How she would define herself is as a survivor of domestic violence. When she entered the US, she was imprisoned for 14 months by immigration enforcement where she found herself desperate and suffering from racism and discrimination inside the detention center. She had health problems and was not getting access to resources or care. Seeing the conditions in which she and her companions were facing, she decided to start organizing with several other women and started a hunger strike. Because of her organizing, she was punished by being placed in an isolated cell. Insis was then transferred to another detection center in Laredo Texas where after three months, she was released. Upon obtaining her release she was transferred to a shelter for migrants. There, Insis began her -organizational work with different organizations – attending conferences, actions and volunteering. Insis is committed to ensuring that she collaborates and organizes in different ways to work with people who, like her, suffered while in detention processes inside immigration detention centers.